Elias resolves unusual and complex situations, with brilliance and empathy

It would be doing Elias a disservice to describe him as the best attorney I have ever dealt with, as it would be far more accurate to say that he is easily the finest professional of any kind that I have dealt with. He’s thorough and detail-oriented, and both the depth and breadth of his knowledge of the law never cease to impress me. 

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Elias has worked to help me resolve more than one unusual and complex situation, and he seems to relish the challenge of a tricky point of contention or negotiation. Many a problem has been solved by a deft nuance he has brought to bear on a seemingly insurmountable problem.

But perhaps the most impressive facet of Elias is that a legal competence that falls somewhere between excellence and, dare I say, seeming wizardry, combines with an unparalleled degree of insight into the interpersonal aspects of his work and a ready empathy for the difficulties of his clients. His conversation shifts effortlessly between these two disparate perspectives, each helping to shine a unique light on the other view.

No matter how busy he may get, his focus and retention of the details of my case give the consistent impression that I am his only client. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found him and to have him in my corner. I would be happy to discuss his merits with anyone considering retaining him.

Elias is confident, genuine, and a tenacious communicator

Going through a custody battle is a hard situation to go through. Elias helps you understand the process and what is needed and expected from you and him in order to succeed. I felt that Elias was very genuine; something that I did not feel with the other lawyers I had met prior. I felt that was very important, especially with the emotions that are already soaring through this process. I was very pleased and proud to have Elias represent me in this matter. 

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My name is Jessica Henegar, mother of a four-year-old. My son’s father was seeking to have our current court order modified after four years. I was not prepared to have to seek legal representation. After meeting with other potential representation, I was not satisfied and did not feel that they really were going to put up the fight needed to keep the current court order in place, or potentially have it modified for the better sake of my son.

Elias came recommended by a co-worker’s relative that works for the firm. When I first met Elias I did not know what to expect. I had already had a couple of bad turn outs with the other lawyers and I was just hoping he would take my matter seriously and be able to help me get what I wanted for my son. I felt Elias actually listened to me, understood me, and was able to see for himself what I was up against and why it was so important for me to keep my son with me as much as possible.

Elias, took every piece of paper I had regarding my situation, we had meetings and strong communication that helped build our case. The plan was to keep close contact and strong communication about everything that had happened and was happening. Elias helped me get through many of the challenges that I faced during the months until our hearing. In the end, the court order was in our favor, the previous order stayed in placed with some modifications that were in my favor such as full physical custody. I would definitely recommend Elias to anyone.

I feel that Elias’s ways of communication, confidence, and attention to detail, are only some of his great attributes. He is also very genuine and cares for his clients; he does not look at clients as just another paycheck. He takes pride in his work and does it to the best of his ability. 

Elias will be on top of every detail of your case

I met Elias when I was embroiled in an ugly, protracted divorce case, in which an MSA had been signed but was subject to constant infringement with aggressive posturing. Support payments were made per the MSA but many items which had not been specified in excruciating detail were subject to endless tedious dispute.

I had received lackadaisical support from two lawyers, who needed constant reminders of the most basic elements of my case every time I needed to speak with them. Then Elias entered the picture, and my situation changed dramatically for the good. Elias strengths are:

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1. He listens carefully to you, and pays attention to details, and to your specific needs and questions.

2. He explains the law clearly and carefully and is unafraid to give unpalatable information – you receive what you need from him, which is not always what you want.

3. He works hard and delivers a high quality product.

4. He is willing to bring in legal support and second opinions when necessary.

5. He goes the extra mile to represent you and your needs – he is not a detached and disinterested attorney – he truly represents you I have no hesitation in recommending Elias to another victim of ugly divorce – when he’s in your corner, you feel a whole load better and he delivered a great result in court.